Upcoming Events!

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Need a Jaw-Dropping Event Space?

Host your local event at our bar in St. Johns, MI

You shouldn't have to waste time looking for the perfect event space. Instead, host your local event at Sirens Bar in St. Johns, MI.

We're an all-inclusive event space where you can host your:

  • Birthday
  • Baby shower
  • Bachelor or bachelorette party
  • Corporate event
  • Wedding

We cater to your specific event

No matter what your local event is, we'll do everything possible to make it memorable.

We accomplish this by providing you with the amenities and tools you're going to need to plan a hit event. You can request that we set up a banquet table for you, provide a live DJ and provide band equipment.

Are over 50 people coming to your daytime event? If it's between the hours of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., we won't charge you. After 8 p.m., we switch to admitting the general public. That means you have four hours to host your event for free!

Let us know what you need for your event by connecting with us today.